Singapore is well known as a global education hub. It has a strategic geographical location, reputation for internationally acclaimed educational excellence, with a safe and cosmopolitan environment. As a vibrant business hub it presents opportunities for institutional-industry collaboration to the students. One of the sustainable sectors, education is a counter-cyclical industry even during the economically hard times as the unemployed seek to retrain and upgrade themselves. There is a growing demand from the Asian students for quality education at various levels tertiary, pre-university, vocational training, etc.

Singapore`s educational system has seen a complete overhaul from its traditional British-based education system and today encompasses all that is required to succeed in contemporary times. Consequently, the emphasis is on nurturing natural talent and helping the individual achieve his true potential. At the core of its educational structure is its bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil) ably supported by a comprehensive curriculum that reflects commendable innovation and entrepreneurship. There is an international mix of institutions which provide the students an ideal platform for sharing of knowledge and ideas with their counterparts from across the globe.