I remember trying to download US college applications and filling them out using a dial up 56 kbps internet connection in a cyber café in the year 1999. I would keep my fingers crossed that the connection would not drop in the middle of the application!

Growing up as a middle class kid in the 80s and 90s in India, going abroad for higher studies was a dream that many of us had and it sounded impossible. That dream is still alive in the minds of many young people today. The key difference is that that dream is much more accessible now due to the economic growth and globalization of the Indian economy.

I remember the struggle I went through in trying to find out information on various universities, the programs they offer, the exams needed to qualify, visa procedures and the costs associated with all that. I wished I had someone who was knowledgeable to guide me through all that.

After arriving in the US in 2000 to do an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the City University of New York’s Zicklin College of Business, I wanted to help students like me who aspired to study abroad. After graduation, I worked in various jobs that gave me an understanding of business. I worked as a small business consultant helping start ups, worked in the commercial equipment finance and finally in the IT Consulting space. I launched my entrepreneurship career in the year 2007 and run Promantis, a successful IT Consulting Services firm with offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and India.

We launched Durus Consulting in the year 2013 to cater to the staffing market in India and to help students study abroad. Our mission is to provide a guiding hand to aspiring students as they face the myriad challenges of embarking on a journey of a lifetime to study abroad. We bring empathy to the process by understanding the unique challenges and struggles that students go through in securing admission in universities, visas and settling down in foreign countries. Our highly experienced counselors are trained to provide a wide range of choices to prospective students to help them choose the university or college of their dreams. They will guide them through the application process, document collection, visa application